Based on the elevation and weight.

Challenges of learning health and mortality risks of obesity Researchers from the Perelman School of Medicine explain that the body mass index , based on the elevation and weight, is not an accurate measure of body fat content and does not account for critical factors that donate to health or mortality, such as fat distribution, proportion of muscle tissue to fat, and the sex and racial differences in body composition. Weight problems predisposes to diabetes, heart diseases, sleep apnea, tumor and other illnesses.Some herbal products have become rich in proteins as it contains important amino acid. Many bodybuilders take supplements, which can cause loss of appetite and people who are into bodybuilding require adequate amount of nutrition or calories to get weight and muscles mass. However, natural basic products for bodybuilding contain natural ingredients in the form of extracts of plant parts. FitOFat organic capsule contains herbal remedies such as for example eclipta alba, pueraria tuberose, withania somnifera, asparagus adscendens, mucuna pruriens and others which are very rare and powered to increase muscle tissue in body naturally.

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