Autism Speaks launches web-based portal for MSSNG database Autism Speaks.

Robert Band, chief research officer at Autism Speaks. Initially, the accessibility of genomic data in MSSNG was largely limited by experts with advanced bioinformatics and education skills. ‘Because this reference is so novel, the correct toolbox needed to be created to make sure that everyone who would like to use MSSNG, and might reap the benefits of MSSNG, can achieve this,’ stated Dr. Mathew Pletcher, vice president and mind of genomic discovery at Autism Speaks. Related StoriesWuXi NextCODE, Sidra partner to supply comprehensive analysis and bioinformatics applications in QatarEpilepsy Culture becomes third consumer of Complete Genomics' released Revolocity systemClaritas Genomics announces release of Claritas Clinical Exome recently, novel diagnostic testThe depth and breadth of MSSNG's data collection supplies the necessary context for evaluating the importance of a genetic variant that could be detected in diagnostic screening.‘This juxtaposition shows that sufferers with tumours which have better angiogenic drive fare even worse than do individuals without such tumours, but that deleterious effect could be at least abrogated by pazopanib treatment partially,’ Heymach et al comment. Indeed, other good examples can be found of markers whose expression prospects to poor prognosis but improved relative reap the benefits of specific therapy, for instance, in breast cancer, HER2 and targeting with agents such as for example lapatinib or trastuzumab.

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