AssureRx closes $12.

Today announced the closing of a $12.5 million Series C financing. The financing was led by Four Rivers Group and existing investors Claremont Creek Sequoia and Ventures Capital. The funding also included participation of existing investors Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Mayo Clinic, CincyTech, Allos Ventures, in addition to fresh investors Capital and Alafi Capital jVen. New investors Four Rivers, jVen Capital, and Alafi Capital bring to AssureRx Health further knowledge and partnering connections to greatly help AssureRx Health continue building its leadership position in psychiatric pharmacogenomics.To combat the pass on of the deadly disease, Guinean officials took the unusual stage of banning the intake of bat soup, grilled bat and various other local delicacies. ‘We uncovered the vector [infectious] agent of the Ebola virus may be the bat,’ Remy Lamah, the country’s wellness minister, told Bloomberg Information. ‘We sent messages all over the place to announce the ban. People must even avoid usage of rats and monkeys. They have become dangerous animals.’ [5 Issues YOU HAVE TO KNOW About Ebola] What Is Ebola? Ebola is certainly a hemorrhagic virus that spreads through fluids and can trigger high fever, diarrhea, inner and vomiting and exterior bleeding.

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