Asia will experience H1N1 vaccine shortage.

Asia will experience H1N1 vaccine shortage, WHO says A spokesperson for the Who all said on Tuesday that Asia won’t have plenty of H1N1 vaccines for swine flu when cold weather hits, Reuters reports article . On the other hand, [i]n Japan, the flu period has recently arrived while its drug companies have not started producing the brand new vaccine, Reuters writes. WHO spokesperson Peter Cordingley emphasized his issues over the limited availability of H1N1 vaccines in developing countries. They don’t have resources, they possess populations that are at such risky in cramped conditions in squatter villages, with no health services, no access to a doctor, plenty of pregnant women, we have become worried about it.

As it gets easier for us to access and interpret information coming from the brain, we will be able to better help people that have disabilities and circumstances of the nervous program, said Dr. Kording. Our goal is to consider what we are studying how and why the brain works so we can quickly and successfully use it to help individuals. By decoding how neurons talk to each other, we may one day have the ability to restore connections by conditioning different neurons to speak to each other, or even to talk to each other in different ways, thereby restoring ability in our patients.

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