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Proton therapy, used in both adults and children, is an advanced radiation treatment that works by aiming energized ion particles correct at the targeted tumor. It is used to take care of many forms of cancer; in areas in the central nervous program specifically, chest, head and neck, prostate and eyes. Recent studies show that proton therapy includes a higher success rate and fewer problems than traditional radiation therapy when the cancer is located in difficult to attain areas, or when the damage to normal tissue creates a high degree of soreness during treatment. Construction on the proton therapy middle shall begin 2010, and the hospital expects to treat its first individual using the technology in 2012..Wright says the study confirms aspirin’s benefits for sufferers with known cardiovascular disease, and displays there is absolutely no increased threat of bleeding also. That says Wright, removes the main reason why surgeons and doctors would advise sufferers to discontinue aspirin therapy.

ChemRar, Lancet partner to build up and commercialize new medications in Russia ChemRar High Tech Center , the Russian pharmaceutical expenditure and R&D group, and Lancet, Russian Distribution Business, have announced collaboration for research, development and commercialization of new medicines in Russia with the intention to stimulate the innovative advancement of the Russian pharmaceutical industry.

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