Are you a Sheeple?

#5) The national debt is: A) In order and will end up being paid off in a few years. B) Out of control and will spiral right into a runaway debt collapse. #6) GMOs will: A) Feed the globe and prevent starvation. B) Threaten the continuing future of life on our world through genetic contamination and widespread crop failures. #7) The FDA protects: A) The people from dangerous medicines. B) The financial passions of the drug businesses. #8) The EPA’s actual agenda is normally to: A) Protect the surroundings. B) Protect the economic interests of the chemical substance companies whose toxic items destroy the environment.He fears that the sector has nurtured anxieties about ill-health driven by pressure from its investors and the impact of its marketing drive and advertising agencies, rather than its scientists. The increased advertising of drugs could make unsustainable demands on the NHS, and confuse the picture of how good health is maintained and a failure to make sure preventive public health steps were at the forefront of wellness policy.

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