Acquired drug resistance is a major problem for cancer therapy web apotek.

Acquired drug resistance is a major problem for cancer therapy. In the United States, 211,000 women are diagnosed each year with breast cancer web apotek . Of patients overexpress a specific growth factor receptor that Herceptin targets and thus are candidates for treatment with this medication. Women treated with Herceptin, are three times more likely for at least five years take two take two times more often without recurrence. Unfortunately, up to 25 percent of patients. Start treatment Herceptin resistant to the drug within the first year The results of the study Minerva imply that Herceptin resistance could prevent or to treat patients with a combination therapy, a MUC1*-targeting drug has reversed. In addition to Herceptin, the study showed that MUC1* inhibitors reversed acquired resistance to other chemotherapy drugs such as taxol and doxorubicin Cylcophosphamide.

Next, researchers checked to see how many for second for second cancers in the following two years. Breast cancer in about 7 % of the women on tamoxifen alone again, and in 14 % of women under the antidepressants Paxil and Prozac, and to a lesser extent, Zoloft. .

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