Accreditation signifies that national standards for framework.

Charles E. Schmidt University of Medicine at FAU earns full accreditation from LCME In less than four years since admitting its inaugural class, the Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine at Florida Atlantic University provides earned full accreditation from the Liaison Committee on Medical Education . Accreditation signifies that national standards for framework, function, and overall performance are fulfilled by a medical school's education system resulting in the M.D. Level. The LCME may be the nationally known accrediting authority for medical education programs resulting in a medical degree in U.S. And Canadian medical schools, and is a joint committee of the Association of American Medical Colleges and the American Medical Association.

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Chemical substance Mosquito Repellant DEET Causes Neurological Damage, Gets Absorbed Through The Skin All over the country, people are purchasing insect repellent items made out of DEET. They are spraying them on their skin, soaking their clothes in the chemical substances, and even eating foodstuffs after they have spread lotions including DEET on their bodies with their bare hands. There’s little question that DEET is effective at repelling bugs such as mosquitoes, but growing questions remain about medical implications of using DEET. The environmental protection company and the CDC both state officially that DEET isn’t harmful when used as directed. However, this advice is founded on the basic proven fact that DEET isn’t absorbed through the skin. That is a common myth in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors – – that cosmetically-applied lotions somehow stay beyond your body and don’t connect to the bloodstream and organs of the body.

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