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Growing and advancing our scientific pipeline is an integral priority for Biomira, and we are on the right track to have four applications in clinical advancement by the ultimate end of 2007.’ Preclinical data provided at AACR by Dr. Dimpy Koul of The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Middle demonstrated that PX-866 treatment led to development inhibition in three different glioma cell lines. The magnitude of the inhibition depended on the position of PTEN in the cell lines, with PTEN-negative cells showing better sensitivity to PX-866. Treatment with PX-866 inhibited activation of AKT and additional downstream targets of PI3K. A dose-dependent upsurge in autophagy, a kind of programmed cell loss of life, was noticed and PX-866 also inhibited invasive and angiogenic features of cultured glioma cells.‘When you have a stroke and survive, you employ a high risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease or another dementia. These illnesses are already taking a huge toll on society and costing vast amounts of dollars in health care costs,’ says MacDonald. ‘With the aging inhabitants, it’s a true growth illness.’ The basic problem is preventing nerve cells in the mind from dying, no being able to communicate information longer. The CIHR funding, which totals $1,086,625 over five years, will allow MacDonald to research the transmission process between nerve cells.

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