A year ago Congress passed a law to regulate cosmetic contact lenses.

A year ago Congress passed a law to regulate cosmetic contact lenses. Law that states law that states an amendment to the ‘Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act ‘that all contact lenses apply to medical devices, regardless of their use, including those that in costumes or for decorative or cosmetic reasons.

Installation installation and instructions, cosmetic lenses can be worn safely. .. Also requires that all contact lenses sold in the United States fit and must be eliminated by an ophthalmologist. Steinemann, the principal investigator on a study caused, the evidence of hazards from improperly dispensed decorative contact lenses, said many people are still getting them without the required prescription and do not realize the potential damage they could cause themselves or their children. – It was a year later, and most states have not followed the lead of the federal government in this matter, he said. If you not contact buy from an eye care provider, chances are you do not have any education on how to wear and take care of the lens, and most likely that not always not always be a good fit, one size not fit all.Ms. Lang Becker said the people, which were with a primary brain tumor was diagnosed the past two years, valuable knowledge to the help future patients, health care and participate into treatment of choices would be.

The as many different so many different specialists, neurologists, neurosurgeons, medical oncologists, radiation therapists, it is very difficult to get continuity. – Doctors & Dentists know as much about brain tumors and their disposal shall, that be too hard for her evaluate such as much or little patient and knows what is a priority of for each person. .

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