A study published in the February issue of Circulation.

Heart disease in children is different than cardiovascular disease in adults, stated Kaushal. Whereas adults might suffer center failing from coronary artery disease or atherosclerosis, heart failure in children primarily takes place because they acquire cardiomyopathy or have a congenital condition in which the center chambers are small or in the wrong position causing the heart to pump inefficiently. The potential of cardiac stem cell therapy for children is exciting truly, stated Kaushal. Pending FDA acceptance, Kaushal hopes to begin clinical trials with kids in the fall.. Cardiac stem cell therapy may rebuild broken heart in children Visionaries in neuro-scientific cardiac therapeutics have long looked to the near future when a damaged heart could possibly be rebuilt or repaired through the use of one’s own heart cells.British think tank downplays GMO failures, claims unproven benefits in report urging Africans to submit to biotech A fresh report by British international policy think tank Chatham House says Africa should open up wide its doorways to genetically altered organisms , claiming that they provide incredible advantages over conventional crops. But the survey is riddled with flat-out lies, revealing its true agenda to craftily supplant traditional agricultural systems with inferior, but proprietary, Western ones. An analysis of the record by GMWatch’s Claire Robinson highlights its many false claims, including promises of quicker yields and advertising of the general public good, that simply don’t match reality.

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