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A sample of 8,266 pregnant women in Amsterdam, Netherlands, a questionnaire to collect information on employment and working conditions. The researchers found that work week of work week of 32 hours or more and a high workload significantly with birth weight. The combination of high workload and long working hours as a result of the largest birth weight reduction and the highest risk for delivering a SGA infant prescription drug .

The study authors suggest Although pregnant women workloads their working hours or workloads at the end of of her pregnancy, our results suggest that reducing job strain and working hours in the early stages of pregnancy in women with stressful full advantage workstations. .

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Green roofing, those more popular urban roofs overcast with plant could be a contribution to combating global warming is the Michigan Michigan. The scientists discovered in that. Rather than the traditional roof coverings in urban area the size Detroit, was a population of about a million, a green is equivalent to the removing emit a year’s worth dioxide in 10,000 medium SUVs and trucks Their studies, said first of its kind to ability of ability green roof to carbon sequester climate change climate change is, to the the first October issue Environmental Science, ACS ‘ & Technology, planning a semi – monthly journal.

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