A naturally occurring hormone that can also be used as a vaginal gel.

Contact: Lisa Rossi Phone: 412-647-3555 Mobile: 412-916-3315 Fax: 412-624-3184 Tel Alan Aldinger progesterone gel expands pregnancy Lowers Preemie pricesprogesterone, a naturally occurring hormone that can also be used as a vaginal gel, reduces the rate of preterm birth in women who have a short cervix, which risk factor for this risk factor for this trans-species of incidents. Progesterone can increase substantially pregnancy.

Progesterone stabilize stabilize the tissue of the uterine lining . If it does not exist, or is low, irregular and heavy menstrual bleeding often occurs after a certain time without control bleeding. Thus used to prevent used to prevent the irregularity of bleeding when continuously. Continuously. If on the other hand a single bolus of progesterone as a shot or with only five days of oral tablets is given, then the falling progesterone actually cause estrogen-primed endometrium slow and thus starts a menstruation.From by the Minority Medical Faculty Development Programme and Generalist Physicians Faculty of Scholars the program of Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and independent Scientist Award of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. Toranj Marphetia 414-456-4700 Medical College of Wisconsin mcw.

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